VALDONICA-Scholarship of the International Academy for Music Köln

The International Academy for Music Köln annually awards a talented pianist with the VALDONICA-Scholarship. The scholarship includes 1000, – € and a paid recital in Toscana/Italy.


Application rules:

  1. The scholarship is open, regardless of nationality, to all pianists studying in Germany, not older than 28 years.
  2. Application procedure:
    • Address, Phone number and mail address
    • Curriculum Vitae (including prizes in competitions, awarded scholarships etc.)
    • A recent DVD recording (length 30 minutes) with both image and sound with free chosen works for the pre-selection procedure. The DVD must not be enhanced or edited.
  3. Max. 10 applicants will be invited to the final round, where they have to play from a 60 minute program, not longer than 20 minutes, in front of a jury.